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r operator■s and the third is ○for visito■rs. Each guidel〓ine itemizes dif●ferent fields ba■sed on different obj●ects, in which◆ the specific st■andards of■ behav

iour ha○ve been proposed. ◆(1) Particip●ants鈥?guidelin○e: includi●ng the ecolog〓ical design, po●llution control, ●green con

餰nted: adv◆anced techn

structi●on, green ●management● and green transp◆ort; (2) Operators〓鈥?guideline〓: including green h●otel, green restaur◆ant, gre


meas■ures and

en mark〓eting, eve〓nt service◆, logistics se●rvice and green 〓office; (3) Visi〓tors鈥?guideline●: including green ?/p> methods, po〓llution-f

ree mate●rials and

駎ransport, green◆ exhibition visitin●g, green co○nsumption and gre●en life. That's〓 why the 6●6-year-old Shan■

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gemen●t modes

ghainese, a frequen〓t blogger, recently 〓decided to add a■ new gadget to h◆is daily lif○e: a Hisens◆e high-definitio●n


be recommended.?/h3>

TV."This is much ◆more than a re●gular televis○ion. Every c■hannel is so clear◆, and it can○ act as a computer 〓monitor. More im〓por

?3) Publi

city a■nd wid

tantly, I will be◆ able to watch the O●lympic Games with a● higher-quality TV● in August,"■ Wei wrote in h■is persona■l blog at eastd●ay.com.A

e par●tic

ipation should

s the Beiji〓ng Games appro●aches, more● HD TVs are being● sold in Chin

○ be encour

aged: we ■shoul

a co○mpared with prev◆ious years."Our 〓sales of HD TV○s

d encourage

not○ only the parti

have gone up〓 30 percent from〓 a month ago, a●nd

cipa●tion o

f government●s

almost 80■ percent of our■ customers t

and officia?/a>

terp○rises and o◆rgani

ave jum●ped 10 percent in Ju●ly from two mont○hs ago in 〓Shanghai.Yongle, ●another majo〓r home appli

zations. ?/a>

public to make t■he

ling products, H●D TVs sized between 〓40 inches and 46 i●nches are the● star performers.Ano●ther recent sur

ir due c■ontr
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